ADHD Testing in the Twin Cities (MN)

For a lot of kids, it’s normal to get squirrely from time to time, get a little disorganized, and push back on doing their homework on occasion.

But for some kids, these behaviors are the norm, and this can be a daily struggle for both them and their parents.

An ADHD assessment may be appropriate if you notice your child...

  • Getting distracted easily by things going on around them

  • Struggling to focus on things that do not interest them (or a hyper-focus on things that do interest them)

  • Not following directions/Seeming not to listen when given directions

  • Constantly moving or talking (having a hard time sitting still)

  • Only doing tasks halfway before leaving them to do other things

  • Problems with organization (at home or with their school supplies and locker)

What are ADHD tests like?

In many cases, ADHD assessments are made up of a checklist or two and a brief computerized test.

The problem with this is that they may tell you that, yes, your child gets distracted or struggles with staying focused...

But they don’t give enough information to really understand WHY your child is struggling.

To make things worse, if you end up with the wrong diagnosis, you’re wasting time and energy trying solutions that aren’t even a good fit for your child, all while they continue to struggle.


Why Impact Psychology?

Here at Impact Psychology, you can be confident our testing will look at multiple areas of your child’s life – from attention and behavior problems to their unique learning style, memory profile, and academic abilities.

Testing is generally done in 2 to 3 different sessions, usually lasting 2-3 hours each.

With a comprehensive view of your child’s strengths and challenges, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s getting in the way of them reaching their potential – and you’ll have a complete list of concrete treatment recommendations to help them.