I’m Dr. Jason Eckerman, and I’m a licensed psychologist.

I specialize in assessments for dyslexia and ADHD testing, working with both kids and adults.

When people come to the About Me page, what they usually want to know is…

1. Are you qualified?

2. Why do you work with people with learning problems and attention problems?


Let’s start with the second…

I love helping people with learning and attention problems because these are the two biggest things I see that get in the way of kids and young adults doing well in school... and there are effective ways to address both of them that can make a world of difference.

I’ve seen kids who were really capable end up with failing grades because they couldn’t pay attention or sit still for more than a few minutes at a time.

Some of them just got distracted or couldn’t get organized, losing or forgetting things constantly.

Sometimes they were just inconsistent, making it frustrating for their parents because they would do great for one quarter and then stop doing their homework or fail multiple classes the next.

For other kids, they were doing great in their math or science classes, but they started falling behind in reading.

Some of them made simple mistakes or had to read things multiple times. Some of them avoided reading altogether because it was so miserable for them.

After getting the right diagnosis and the right plan in place, I’ve seen kids make massive improvements -- stopping all the calls home from the school, making the honor roll, and more importantly, feeling happier and more confident in themselves.

I love being a part of the solution for families.

I love helping parents find answers and making a plan to get caught up in school, stop the nightly homework battles, and making kids more confident by showing them that they really are capable (in spite of having such a hard time before).

As for my qualifications, here are some of the highlights…

I first started doing psychological assessments with kids in the schools in 2010, later doing assessments in a college counseling center, community mental health center, state psychiatric hospital, and private practice.

In 2013, I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology.

I’ve also been featured on a number of major publications including NBC News, Reader's Digest, and The Huffington Post.

I love working with people with learning and attention problems because they tend to be creative, intuitive, original, and brighter than they get credit for, and they can accomplish so much when they have the right tools to do it.

I’m so grateful to play a part in showing kids and young adults how much they’re really capable of, completely changing the way they see themselves and helping parents feel less frustrated in the process.